Who is Gia Francesca Lopez? All about the daughter of Mario López (2023)

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Gia Francesca LopezShe is the daughter ofMario Lopez, actor and TV presenter. His father is widely known for his portrayal of A.C. Slater on the television sitcom.Saved by the belljSaved by the Bell: The College. In addition, Mario became famous for his role as a presenter inAmerica's Best Dance Teamand in some other TV shows. Meanwhile Gia's motherCourtney MazzaShe is also an actress who has spent most of her career on Broadway.

Well, just like her parents, Gia has shared the same love of acting and has made dozens of television appearances to date. He often appears with his parents on their music show.ON Mit Mario Lopezwhich includes a variety of entertainment stories and also celebrity interviews.

In addition, Gia, who is already on the way to stardom, was also praised for her voice in the TV series.Elena von Avalor. Also, the article will include the long-term marriage of Gia's parents, her siblings and many other facts. To learn all about the Star Child, stay with us!


Who are Gia Francesca Lopez's parents?

We mentioned above that Gia's parents, Mario and Courtney, are actors. Contrary to his father's widespread industry recognition, his mother is not a regular face in the media. At first he worked in Broadway shows such asa refrain line,The little mermaid, and more. In addition, the Broadway star has also acted in television series, includingMario López: Saved by the baby,jWendy: The Wendy Williams Show, among other.

As of 2021, Gia's mother acts as a correspondent forhigh profile boxing.

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Gia was a flower girl at her parents' wedding

Mario and Courtney have shared marital bliss for almost eight years. The longtime duo tied the knot on December 1, 2012. Their star-studded wedding ceremony took place at the oceanfront propertyjoe francisin Punta Mita, Mexico. Around 200 guests witnessed their wedding.

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Her daughter Gia, then 2 years old, also performed as a flower girl at her extravagant event. And the entire wedding show also aired on the TLC episode.Mario and Courtney's wedding party.

As for their meeting, the two first met when they were both workinga refrain linein the fall of 2008. Y López proposed to his then-girlfriend over the 2012 New Year's vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico.

When was Gia Francesca Lopez born? details of his birth

Mario Lopez's daughter, Gia, was born on September 1st. November 2010 in Burbank, California. your program thenExtrareported that the girl weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces. said the new papaExtra,

"We are very happy. What an amazing, wonderful and overwhelming experience to welcome our daughter into the world."

During Mazza's pregnancy, López was very infatuated with his wife. He further said

"I keep trying to feed her because I want a really healthy, chubby baby."

At the same time, Mario also revealed his plan to write a book documenting his daughter's life and his experiences as a father for the first time.

The book is named after Gia Francesca

Just 16 days after Gia's first birthday, her father published a book entitledMario and Baby Giaon September 27, 2011. The book chronicles López's experience of being a first-time father and his daughter's life. And it was named after the actor's daughter, Gia Francesca.

Gia Lopez's siblings: Her brother was born via cesarean section

Gia has two younger brothers. his brotherDomingo Lopez was born on October 9, 2013. Mario announced the big news on Twitter,

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"It's a boy!!!!!!!!!!!! Please welcome Dominic Lopez to the world. I couldn't be happier...Courtney and the baby are fine."

Dominic, who was born via caesarean section and is named after his mother's grandfather, Courtney.

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Also Gia's second brotherSantino Rafael Lopezwas born on July 8, 2019.

Gia Francesca Lopez's birthday party with her brother

Lopez's daughter celebrates her birthday on September 11, two days after the birth of her younger brother Dominic. In September 2015, while celebrating Gia and Dominic's double birthdays, their parents threw them a Finding Dory-themed birthday party. About 120 people took part.

Print 2020, familycelebrated his tenth birthday at homewith their parents. His father wrote on his Insta,

"Happy birthday, kisses to my little Mija, Gigi! She's growing up too fast but I'm so proud of you and your kind heart... #HappyBirthday #GiaFrancescaLopez."

What is your ethnicity?

Gia Francesca Lopez is of Caucasian descent. And his nationality is America.

He attends a Catholic school: learn about his love of painting

The star girl is now in fifth grade at Catholic school, while her brother Dominic will be in second grade from September 2021.

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Gia also likes to paint. In 2021, radio host López posted a photo of his daughter showing her painting for her Nana.

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She also loves to dance and has danced with her father at various events at their school.

What is Gia Francesca Lopez popular for? His work on Elena of Avalor

Although Gia is only 11 years old now, pre-teen Mario's daughter has been involved in various acting projects. According to his IMDB bio, the Star Child made his first appearance in the short video.The disappointment of Jonathan Benderin 2012. He found early fame after appearing in the TV seriesExtra mit Billy Bush.

His other television appearances includebig star little star,home and family, jDie Kelly-Clarkson-Show. The aspiring actress rose to fame after voicing the character of Estrella in the miniseriesElena of Avalor: Adventures in Vallestrella. Gia also worked as an announcer on Elena of Avalor. She voiced two Young Marisa/Estrella characters on the television series from 2016 to 2020.

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In addition, Mario López's daughter is best known for her work ingo the joke,Jane the maiden, and more.

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His frequent appearances with his father ON with Mario Lopez

In addition to her television appearances, Gia often appears with her father on his four-hour music show and on the radio station On With Mario Lopez. The nationally syndicated radio show is a unique blend of entertaining stories and candid interviews with the hottest celebrities and entertainers.

Lopez's daughter makes frequent appearances on the show. And the father who does not fail to share the beautiful moment with his ward daughter on his social media accounts.

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Nettowert von Gia Francesca López

Gia is still in her 5ft class and has not yet pursued a career as a full-time employee. So how can we estimate his net worth today? Speaking of his father Lopez's net worth, it now stands at $25 million. Also, he gets a salary of $6 million a year.

The 11-year-old now resides at her parents' home in Glendale, California.

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