Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (2023)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (1)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of modular applications designed to streamline business processes through intelligent automation at scale. Microsoft Dynamics 365 reviews show that while it's expensive, especially for startups, it's a great software for automating workflows, managing processes, and communicating with customers across all channels. It is best suited for medium to large businesses that need a centralized and highly customizable platform to track and manage all business processes and customer communications.

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What we recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 for

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers several Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) modules. The apps allow you to manage various aspects of your business including sales, marketing, service, human resources and finance from a single platform. It also offers seamless integration with Microsoft applications for productivity and collaboration, making it ideal for customer relationship management.Software (CRM)for companies using Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

Who is Microsoft Dynamics 365 suitable for?

  • Medium and large sales teams looking for an alternative to an ecommerce CRM:Traditional ecommerce customer relationship managers (CRMs) typically take longer to learn because they have multiple out-of-the-box features like order management and customer support. Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 is enterprise-class software, it is still less of a chore due to the limited amount of data it can track. Alternatively, you can check out our guide which lists thosebest E-Commerce-CRMsfor more options.
  • Organizations that need a CRM that integrates well with Outlook:Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates well with all Microsoft products, including Outlook. In fact, it's included in our list ofbest CRM for Outlook integration. You can add the Dynamics 365 Outlook app so you can access your CRM data in your Outlook email client.
  • Companies looking to centralize Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM software:Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers several modular products that help companies to optimize customer communication and relationships, human resources processes and business activities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not well suited

  • Small businesses looking for a free CRM:Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not offer a free plan and the basic license fee for sale starts at $65 per user per month. Consult our list ofThe Best Free CRMs for Small Businessesexplore free options.
  • Startups that need a customizable yet affordable CRM solution:While Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a robust set of sales automation and lead management features, it's quite expensive for small sales teams with limited budgets. If you need an affordable and scalable solution for your business, check out our guideThe best CRM for startups.
  • Sales teams that prefer a simple CRM for first-time users:Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with a robust set of additional features and functionality for marketing and integrations. If you're looking for entry-level solutions with basic CRM features, check out our recommendations for thosebest simple CRM systemsfor startups and small businesses.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Seamless integration with Microsoft apps like Teams and OutlookIt doesn't offer a free plan.
Territory management, social connections and automatic email registrationBasic license fees have a high price
Tools for field service management, supply chain management and human resourcesIt lacks basic configuration features and can be overwhelming to implement
Real-time analysis and tracking of key performance indicatorsNo mobile-specific features like calls and call recording
Deployment options include both cloud and on-premisesArtificial intelligence (AI) tools are only included in more expensive plans

Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing consists of four paid plans ranging from $65 to $162 per user per month, billed monthly. The main difference between each Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing option is the availability of additional functionality, either as part of a package or as add-ons. This includes forecasts, reports and analytics, the integrated LinkedIn Sales Navigator, predictive scoring and sales intelligence.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales plan and pricing features at a glance:

Sales plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365



sales bonus

Microsoft Relationship Sales

Basic License Fee






(at least 10 places)

Below qualifying Dynamics 365 app







Leads, opportunities, products and offers

Forecasting and Sales Guides

Sales Accelerator und Predictive Scoring

Add to

Add to

Integration mit LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Microsoft Office 365-Integration

Microsoft applications

Microsoft applications + gamification and knowledge management

Microsoft applications + gamification and knowledge management

Microsoft applications + gamification and knowledge management

*Based on monthly prices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also offers the following products*

  • Customer data platform (Customer Insights):$1,500 per tenant per month
  • Service:From $50 to $95 per user per month
  • Marketing:Starting at $1,500 per tenant per month
  • Act:$180 per user per month
  • Supply chain management:$180 per user per month
  • human resources:$120 per user per month
  • Finances:$120 per user per month
  • Project management:$120 per user per month
  • Small and medium-sized companies:From $50 to $100 per user per month

*License fees are paid monthly. The prices listed above are for first-time Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps. Lower pricing is available for later qualifying Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps.

Click the dropdown menu below for more details on Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing and plans:

professional sale

The Sales Professional plan includes tools for customer relationship management and engagement. It provides a complete view of all customer interactions and helps you compose emails with contextual sales data. It also has productivity tools to help you collaborate and create with your teammatesbusiness proposals, manage documents and automate yoursales processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (2)

Write more engaging emails based on the context of CRM records.
(Quelle: Microsoft Dynamics 365)

Additionally, the Basic plan allows you to monitor your pipeline in real-time using interactive dashboards and reports. The integrated customer surveys help you gain insight into the mood and behavior of your customers.

distribution company

If you upgrade to the Sales Enterprise plan, you get access to additional features such as product list,sales targets,country administration, foresight and conversational intelligence. You can also create, update, publish, and search your knowledge base. Apart from that, you can start customizingSales Dashboardsand reports, as well as offline access to mobile app features.

sales bonus

The highlight of Sales Premium is the integration of Sales Accelerator, an artificial intelligence (AI) based tool that gives you recommendations for leads, accounts and deals. Automation and AI capabilities under this plan extend to note analytics, customer connection insights, pipeline intelligence (predictive forecasting), and relationship analytics.

(Video) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Review: ERP, CRM, Pros And Cons, And Alternatives

Microsoft Relationship Sales

The Microsoft Relationship Sales Plan comes with a built-in LinkedIn Sales Navigator that uses advanced search filters to help you find customers who are ready to make a purchase. Once you've found targeted leads, you can save your LinkedIn contact records directly to your CRM software. It also maps an organization's decision makers and how they relate to each other to help you identify the key people on a purchasing committee.

In addition, Microsoft Relationship Sales tracks customer viewing behavior to help you develop personalized engagement strategies. Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 signals to uncover customer relationship status and risks. It also provides you with actionable insights based on your contacts' activity. Finally, you get a unified view of all customer interactions across your CRM, Microsoft 365 Apps, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a variety of features forsales automation, productivity and team collaboration. It uses social insights and business intelligence to help you improve your marketing effectiveness. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 allows you to access apps like Outlook, SharePoint and Teams directly from your CRM.

  • Lead- und Opportunity-Management
  • Marketing lists and quick campaigns
  • Products
  • Budgets, orders and invoices
  • CPQ (configure, cite and cite)
  • forecast
  • cases
  • Business card scanner
  • Email Intelligence
  • sales manuals

Key features of this solution include sales execution tools, including lead and opportunity management, marketing lists, products, andSales Forecast. You can also create product listings, quotes, invoices, and even sales manuals. Higher tiers provide email intelligence (automatic collection of customer data), territory management, and partner relationship management capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (3)

sales board
(Quelle: Microsoft Dynamics 365)

The sales accelerator in Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses artificial intelligence (AI) to minimize the time sales reps spend finding the best customers to connect with. It pulls data from multiple sources and provides automated recommendations for targeting customers and prioritizing sales activities. It also sends notifications about stuck or compromised transactions and accounts so you can take immediate action.

Key features of the Sales Accelerator:
  • Suggested next best actions
  • Sales Activity Outlook
  • Deal risk notifications
  • Account Recommendations
  • suggested actions
  • Trading Risk Notifications
  • Account Recommendations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (4)

Streamline sales cycles with suggested next-best actions that target the highest-priority activity with the best propensity to close.
(Quelle: Microsoft Dynamics 365)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (5)

Get alerts on deals that are stalled or at risk to increase close rate.

(Video) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (6)

Get recommendations to improve compromised account relationships.

You can easily connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 records to a Microsoft Teams channel by clicking the Collaborate button on the record page. This action allows your team to meet, chat and call in your CRM. You can also access CRM records while working in Teams, so you don't have to switch between the two apps.

Key collaboration features:
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Multichannel communication with the customer

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (7)

Connect salespeople with customers using their preferred communication channels with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales.

Use automated insights to analyze individual and team pipelines and develop accurate sales forecasts. You can also highlight potential strengths and weaknesses in all areas of the businesssales funnelto predict income fluctuations. Finally, out-of-the-box reports help your agents focus more on selling by reducing the time it takes to create reports manually.

Main Forecast Features:
  • automated information
  • Analysis of individual and collective pipelines
  • Predict fluctuations in sales
  • Ready-to-use reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (8)

Reduce the time it takes to generate reports by viewing exceptions with out-of-the-box reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Educate your sales reps on how to improve customer conversations by leveraging real-time insights into customer sentiment, the competitive marketplace, and phone call priorities. You can also help new sales reps have successful sales calls by reviewing the actions that previous sales reps have taken based on sales call feedback.

Main training characteristics:
  • information in real time
  • customer mood
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Priorities for phone calls
  • Check the actions of previous sellers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (9)

Empower sales reps with real-time insights into customer emotions, competitive market sentiment, and phone call priorities.

(Video) Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Review

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Android and iOS apps help sales reps track their day-to-day activities and respond to customer requests faster. The mobile app gives you an overview of all your sales activities for the day, including your daily meetings and briefings. You can also use it to add notes, create contacts, update CRM records, and search for customer records.

Main features of the mobile application:
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Daily activities and information
  • meeting reminder
  • Nuts
  • create contacts
  • offline access
  • Registry Update
  • record search
  • iOS-App
  • Android App

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (10)

Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app for iOS devices

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (11)

Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app for Android devices

Dashboards use views, lists, and charts to display an overview of actionable sales and business data, including daily sales activity,sales lines, as well as potential customers and open opportunities. Sales reps can use built-in sales pipeline charts to visualize the revenue that can be generated from an opportunity based on each pipeline segment. Sales leaders, on the other hand, can use pre-built dashboards to gain insights into sales and team performance.

Core reporting and analytics features:
  • Export to Excel
  • Real-time reports and sales dashboards
  • Portals for energy applications

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (12)

Analyze individual and collective pipelines to get accurate forecasts through automated insights.

(Video) Independent Review of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (F&O, Business Central)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 interacts seamlessly with other Microsoft applications including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The AppSource marketplace offers several pre-built integrations with other tools you use for marketing automation, document creation, finance, and project management. You can also create a custom integration using the Web Application Programming Interface (API).

Popular third-party integrations:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft ERP solutions
  • Energy BI
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • CRM by HubSpot
  • mailchimp
  • Adobe MarketingCloud
  • PandaDoc
  • ProRM Quick Start
  • RingCentral

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (13)

Popular Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations on App Source.

Customer service

Each Microsoft Dynamics 365 license subscription includes 24/7 access to technical support in case of system failures or configuration errors. Standard response times for critical issues are one hour, while lower priority situations have guaranteed response times of four to eight hours. You also get access to community support and on-demand virtual training.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also offers paid support plans for those who need additional services, such as: B. Service delivery management, system optimization, on-demand evaluation and on-site support. Pricing starts at $9 per user per month.

support functions

Subscription Support

Direct Pro

unified support


Free with paid subscription

(Microsoft Dynamics 365 und Power Platform)

$9 per user per month

(Microsoft Dynamics 365 und Power Platform

Based on license percentage (all Microsoft cloud and on-premises products and services)

Default Response Times

<1 hour for critical issues

<4 hours for less critical issues

<8 hours for non-critical issues

<1 hour for critical issues

<2 hours for less critical issues

<4 hours for non-critical issues

<30 minutes for performance support

<1 hour for critical issues

<4 hours for less critical issues

Microsoft-led training

Virtual training on demand

Webinars led by engineers

Access to webcasts, workshops and virtual labs upon request

24/7 technical support

Remote consulting support

Service delivery management

Proactive services (planning, maintenance and optimization of systems)

On-demand evaluation and on-site support

Personalized support experience

*Based on monthly prices.

Easy to use

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a steep learning curve, so beginners without a technical background may find it challenging. But after training and onboarding, most users find it intuitive and easy to customize.

Helpful illustrative tutorials are available for those who are new to the software. In addition to the above customer service subscriptions, 24/7 technical support is also available for those having system configuration issues.

Microsoft Dynamics 365-Alternativen

If you're still not sure whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 is right for your business needs, here are some of the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 alternatives you can consider. You can also consult our guidebest CRM for Outlook integrationfor more options.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (14)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (15)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 review: Is it right for your business? (16)

Better for

Marketers who want to capture and manage social leads from Outlook emails

Businesses that want to manage Outlook emails in a mobile CRM app

Sales teams that want a simple and free CRM with Outlook integration

starting price*

Free (3 users) or $14 per user per month

$12.50 per user per month

Free (unlimited users) or $45 per month (2 users)

Zoho CRM review


HubSpot CRM review

*Based on annual billing. Monthly pricing is also available at slightly higher rates.

Looking for free options for your small sales team? Read our list ofThe Best Free CRMs for Small Businesses.

What users are saying in Microsoft Dynamics 365 reviews

We analyzed Microsoft Dynamics 365 reviews online and found that most users find it to be excellent software for automating business processes and workflows. They value your ability to organize and track and accelerate leadsInvoiceand manage all forms of communication from a single platform. They also commend its strong reporting capabilities, actionable insights into the sales pipeline, and seamless integration with third-party applications.

As of this writing, it has received the following average ratings based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 reviews on these popular review sites:

The most common negative reviews of Microsoft Dynamics 365 relate to price and ease of use. Users say it's quite expensive for startups, while acknowledging the extensive feature inclusions. They also mention that it takes time to learn how to use enterprise software. Others compare it to Salesforce and say that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not as strong in terms of automation features, lead capture and lead qualification.

bottom line

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a variable set of modular applications for different business departments, including sales, marketing, support, and human resources. Artificial intelligence tools help you organize and prioritize interactions with customers and prospects more efficiently. It is recommended for medium to large businesses looking for a highly customizable and scalable CRM solution with strong reporting and sales automation capabilities.

Sign up for a 30-day trial to see if it meets your business needs, or get started and sign up for the Sales Professional plan.

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Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 good for small business? ›

One of the most prominent benefits offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for small to medium-sized businesses is the flexibility to grow according to market trends. This allows for a sturdy customer management process and enhanced sales collaboration.

Is Dynamics 365 worth it? ›

Dynamics 365 stands out over its alternatives because of its comprehensive and powerful features, its ability to integrate with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, and its scalability and flexibility.

What is the disadvantage of Dynamics 365? ›

The biggest con of Dynamics 365 is the steep learning curve it has. It can be difficult to learn the software and its many features quickly, especially if you are not familiar with the software. Additionally, the cost of the software can be prohibitive for some businesses.

Who should learn Microsoft Dynamics 365? ›

If you have a broad exposure to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities of Dynamics 365 and understand the fundamentals of how finance and operations apps fit in within the overall Microsoft ecosystem—this certification is for you.

Is Dynamics 365 difficult to learn? ›

A lot of users find it easy to use Microsoft Dynamics 365, especially if they have used any other Microsoft apps before.

What is replacing Dynamics 365? ›

Dynamics 365 connectors must be replaced with a Microsoft Dataverse connector. Microsoft Dataverse – This is the newest connector and will, in time, become the only connector available for Dataverse usage. All new features, performance work, and enhancements will be available on this connector.

What is Dynamics 365 good for? ›

Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that delivers superior operational efficiency and breakthrough customer experiences enabling businesses to become more agile and reduce complexity without increasing costs.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 in demand? ›

With so many organizations turning to the Dynamics cloud to update their business processes, the demand for Dynamics 365 professionals will continue to skyrocket, paving the way for enormous opportunities for administrators, developers, and consultants alike.

Is Dynamics 365 better than Salesforce? ›

While its customization abilities and user-friendly UI aren't quite at Salesforce's level, Dynamics 365 is better at reporting. And if you want or need an on-premises deployment, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 plan is the only way to go, as Salesforce is cloud-based.

Is Microsoft Dynamics end of life? ›

On October 11, 2022, Microsoft Vice President Michael Morton announced that Microsoft Dynamics GP version 18.5 will be the last release with major new features. Beyond version 18.5, GP will continue to receive regulatory and security updates only.

What are the disadvantages of Microsoft 365 give at least 4? ›

Disadvantages of Office 365
  • Subscriptions aren't for everyone. You don't have to pay out one-time costs, but you do have to pay every month. ...
  • Compatibility issues with bespoke systems. ...
  • Constant updates mean constant changes. ...
  • Most people only use 20% of the functionality. ...
  • You don't actually own the software.

Which is better SAP or Dynamics 365? ›

The main difference between the two is that dynamics are ideal for retail users and SAP is ideal for large enterprises. Microsoft Dynamics has reliable quality control, proper product development functions, and order processing while SAP is more flexible to use due to its intuitive user interface.

How long does it take to learn Microsoft Dynamics? ›

How Much Time Does It Take to Master Microsoft Dynamics 365? It depends on the areas that are interested in working in. For instance, learning the operational side of Dynamics 365 typically takes 4 to 5 weeks, however, becoming a manufacturing engineer for Dynamics 365 may take 4 to 5 months.

How much do a Dynamics 365 consultants make? ›

Dynamics 365 Consultant Salaries
Job TitleSalary
DXC Technology Dynamics 365 Consultant salaries - 1 salaries reported$130,541/yr
Adisys Corporation Dynamics 365 Consultant salaries - 1 salaries reported$144,782/yr
Fullscope Dynamics 365 Consultant salaries - 1 salaries reported$150,042/yr
17 more rows

How long does it take to get Dynamics 365 certification? ›

Solutions Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

Finally, after accomplishing all these steps, you need to wait for results. To sum up, on average it takes partners around 3-4 months (including time for preparation, submitting and validation process) to get their solutions certified for Microsoft Dynamics.

Which is better to learn Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics? ›

We recommend Salesforce for younger companies and smaller businesses because of its lower starting price and its extensive integrations with third-party applications. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is better for larger and more established businesses, especially ones that already use the Microsoft Office suite extensively.

Is there coding in Microsoft Dynamics? ›

When you start in this whole Microsoft Dynamics environment, you will run into programming languages like C#, C++, Visual Basic.NET and X++. The latter one, X++, is the main programming language of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (former Dynamics AX).

Is Dynamic 365 Expensive? ›

Viva Sales is included in Sales Enterprise, Sales Premium and Relationship Sales at no extra cost. 10 users minimum of qualifying Dynamics 365 app.
Dynamics 365 pricing.
First Dynamics 365 appSubsequent qualifying1 Dynamics 365 app
$95 per user/month$20 per user/month
Sales Premium2
$135 per user/month
7 more rows

Is Dynamics 365 a CRM or ERP? ›

Dynamics 365 gives you a unified view of your business

Streamline your everyday financials and operations with Dynamics 365—an ERP software solution that helps you collaborate effectively, optimize business tasks, and drive growth.

What is the difference between CRM and Dynamics 365? ›

Dynamics 365 is a combined CRM and ERP product that includes full Dynamics AX suite for ERP and the Business Edition includes the financial suite built from Dynamics NAV. Unlike its predecessor, Dynamics 365 eliminates the traditional silos that exist between external (CRM) and internal (ERP) information.

Is Microsoft Dynamics easy to use? ›

It is user-friendly, with a wide range of customizable features that make it easy to set up and manage. The integration with other Microsoft products, such as Excel and Office, is seamless, making it an ideal solution for any organization. Despite the many advantages of Dynamics 365, there are some downsides.

Is Dynamics 365 a good CRM? ›

It ranks well among customers in search of robust account management capabilities and customization opportunities. In reviews, customers cite the following as the top benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales: Centralized data that pulls information from multiple sources into one hub.

Is Dynamics the best CRM? ›

Microsoft Dynamics is an excellent choice for organizations who've outgrown their current CRM. With a wealth of real-time analytics, performance metric tracking, multi-channel relationship management tools, and AI-based recommendations, Microsoft Dynamics provides the advanced tools that other CRM software cannot.

Is Microsoft Dynamics for small business? ›

Microsoft now offers a subscription service to Microsoft Dynamics 365, making it more affordable than ever for small businesses. You don't need the hardware or your own servers anymore. You can host the program in Microsoft's cloud, and get access via an annual or monthly payment.

Who is Salesforce biggest competitor? ›

  • Best Salesforce Alternatives Of 2023.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Zoho CRM.
  • Active Campaign.
  • Zendesk Sell.
  • Freshsales.
  • Less Annoying CRM.
4 days ago

Will Dynamics 365 overtake Salesforce? › has led the CRM industry for decades— but things are now fading fast. In the recent Forrester Wave report Microsoft is ahead in's traditional sales software. This is a big step for Microsoft and JourneyTEAM (Gold Microsoft CRM Partner).

How many people use Microsoft Dynamics? ›

Microsoft Dynamics AX: Over 30% license growth in North America over last 6 months.
How Many Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics ERP?
Microsoft Dynamics® AX20,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® SL13,500 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® CRM40,000+ companies 4.4 million users
2 more rows
Mar 16, 2015

Is Microsoft Dynamics user friendly? ›

Dynamics 365 is a great CRM for businesses. It is user-friendly and offers a wide range of features and tools. It makes it easy to track customer interactions, manage sales pipelines, and track customer service requests. It also integrates seamlessly with other business processes and applications.

Is Microsoft Dynamics on Azure? ›

Dynamics on Azure. Make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster, and fuel business growth using the cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built for, and on, Azure—bringing together ERP, business intelligence, infrastructure, compute, and database services.

Is Microsoft 365 being replaced? ›

No, as part of Microsoft 365 you will continue to get access to apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. We will also continue to offer one-time purchases of those apps to consumers and businesses via Office 2021 and Office LTSC plans. Additionally, there are no changes to Office 365 subscription plans.

What are some Microsoft weaknesses? ›

Weaknesses – Internal Strategic Factors

Lacking innovation – Microsoft has been failing to grow its hardware products sales such as surface pro computers and phones. It has been lagging in innovation and advanced technology, whereas, Apple, Google, and Amazon are quickly blazing trails.

Is Microsoft Dynamics a Tier 1 ERP? ›

Tier 1 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Examples of ERP systems in Tier 1 include SAP, Syspro, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and NetSuite (which Oracle acquired).

Is Microsoft Dynamics better than Oracle? ›

Market Share. Undoubtedly, both Dynamics 365 and Oracle are big players, but Dynamics 365 has a slight edge over Oracle in terms of market share . Dynamics 365 vs Oracle Sales Cloud Result: Dynamics 365 is the winner in this category.

Is Dynamics 365 same as Salesforce? ›

Both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce have cloud capabilities, allowing users to access data anytime, anywhere. However, Salesforce was designed and built for the cloud, while Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers cloud, on-premise, and hybrid models. For some organizations, a purely cloud-based option is the way to go.

How much does Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification cost? ›

Each of Microsoft's Dynamics 365 certifications requires you to sit at least one exam. The majority of these exams cost $165 USD per attempt, though the exam for the entry-level Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals badge is slightly cheaper at $99 USD.

How much do Microsoft Dynamics developers make? ›

Dynamics 365 Developer Salaries in Canada

The national average salary for a Dynamics 365 Developer is $79,313 in Canada.

Is Microsoft 365 Dynamics free? ›

Dynamics 365 Sales offers a 30-day free trial with the Sales Premium license. After a quick sign-up, you'll have access to many of the app's key features. The trial allows you to test the app with sample data and even try out your own customer data. Learn more about Dynamics 365 Sales features.

Who is the highest paid consultant? ›

Senior Management Consultant

Can you make millions in management consulting? ›

Of course! Many successful entrepreneurs have been able to work as a consultant and grow their business to a million-dollar enterprise. It takes hard work, determination and some help along the way, but it's certainly possible.

What is the salary of Dynamics 365 functional consultant in USA? ›

The average dynamics functional consultant salary in the USA is $125,250 per year or $60.22 per hour. Entry level positions start at $110,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $165,897 per year.

How much does a CRM certification cost? ›

CRM training comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)
ProductBest forPricing*
Microsoft Dynamics 365 FundamentalsBest CRM certification course overall$99
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant AssociateTop MS Dynamics certification for customer support$165
8 more rows

How much is a Dynamics 365 Team Member license? ›

Dynamics 365 Team Member User License | $8/user/month.

Is Microsoft Certification hard to get? ›

Microsoft certification exams are usually hard, really hard. They are generally not very fun to take. The exams dive into minutia, asking questions that people with years of experience can't answer. Every question is a trick question so they are pretty hard to guess at.

Which Microsoft Office is best for small business? ›

Microsoft 365 is a cost-effective, secure cloud solution that includes the tools small businesses require to run their growing businesses, reach new customers, and collaborate with employees, partners, and customers from virtually anywhere.

What size companies use Microsoft Dynamics 365? ›

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is most often used by companies with 50-200 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue. Our data for Microsoft Dynamics 365 usage goes back as far as 4 years and 3 months.

Which Office 365 is best for a business? ›

For most small businesses is the Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan the best choice. With a price of $12.50 per user per month, you get the full Office 365 suite, with the desktop apps, Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc. Everything you need to get your business started in the cloud.

Do most businesses use Office 365? ›

Office 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide, with 145,844 customers in the United States alone using the office suite software. Office 365 is the brand name used by Microsoft for a group of software applications providing productivity related services to its subscribers.

Can you buy Microsoft Office for lifetime? ›

With a lifetime license, you'll keep the 2021 version of Microsoft Office rather than getting the latest software updates as they're released like you would with Microsoft 365. For most users, the savings will be well worth it. This deal expires on February 1, 2023, so act fast to sign up and save for life.

What is d365 good for? ›

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based software helping organizations improve their business relationships with prospects, customers, as well as team members. It incorporates several cloud apps to help businesses deal with a range of processes, be it operations, accounting, or sales.

Why do companies use Dynamics 365? ›

Dynamics 365 helps businesses facilitate and expedite communication and improve customer relationships through a comprehensive suite of productivity tools. Dynamics 365 mitigates the need to jump between programs by combining all your essential sales, marketing, and customer service applications in one single platform.

Is dynamics better than Salesforce? ›

Salesforce is generally more user-friendly in the UI department, and more customizable, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 is probably a bit easier to use for reporting. Then again, if you really want or need an on-premise deployment, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 plan is the only way to go—Salesforce is cloud-based, full-stop.

Is Dynamics cheaper than Salesforce? ›

Salesforce offers cheaper starting priced plans but, once you begin to scale up, Salesforce will likely cost more than Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the latter offers discounts for the more software you add.

Is Dynamics 365 A good CRM? ›

It ranks well among customers in search of robust account management capabilities and customization opportunities. In reviews, customers cite the following as the top benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales: Centralized data that pulls information from multiple sources into one hub.

Why is Microsoft Dynamics 365 so expensive? ›

The licensing for the solution itself is calculated by full users. So the more users a company has, the more it would have to pay monthly. Besides from that monthly payment, you will need to receive training - but that is a one time fee that ranges significantly depending on the product you're purchasing.


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