Love Island USA spoilers: Kyle disappears, the couples break up. This is what you missed in week 4 (2023)

During week 4 of "Love Island" USA, the men and women passed the ultimate relationship test that is Casa Amor, a longtime couple became exclusive and two islanders left unexpectedly.

Twelve newcomers arrived last week to shake things up., and that's exactly what they did—so effectively, in fact, that several couples began to question their relationships, with one Day 1 couple breaking up during their post-House Amor reconciliation. Yet the experience only strengthened another couple. of Day 1.

This is what happened in episodes 20-25 of "Love Island," which aired from August 9-14.

Summary of week 3:Newcomers make an islander "wait for the kitchen to catch fire"

'The human centipede of regurgitation' at Casa Amor

In episode 20, the first night of Casa Amor continues with Jesse Bray praising the men.

"I want to have fun. I want to have fun with it,” says Jesse. “These are the holidays of what we have at home. Let's not forget what we received at home."

Chazz Bryant and Gabby Kiszka begin to gravitate towards each other, as do Phoebe and Isaiah.

Love Island USA spoilers: Kyle disappears, the couples break up. This is what you missed in week 4 (2)

Jeff is open to meeting women, but "something really has to go right for me to stop thinking about Nadjha (Day)," he says.

The producers make the islanders meet the 12 newcomers by passing liquids through their mouths, "like the human centipede regurgitating", as Jared describes it, in the Shaken and Stirred challenge.

After passing several cocktails from mouth to mouth until the glasses are filled, the town wins. Your prize? Bragging rights, perhaps?

Deb finds the passion she's been missing with Jesse

On the second day of Casa Amor, the islanders realize who they are and who they are not.

After sharing a bed with Tre Watson, Nadjha concludes that "there weren't any sparks flying anywhere" and turns her attention to Nic Birchall, who is "the first person to get me excited".

Courtney Boerner also realizes there's no connection between her and her bed partner Jordan Morello: "I just don't think he can handle me," she says.

Love Island USA spoilers: Kyle disappears, the couples break up. This is what you missed in week 4 (3)

Deb Chubb, however, discovers that she is open to Kyle Fraser, who promises to bring her the passion she is seeking.

(Video) The Villa blows up | Love Island Australia 2018

“I think (Kyle) has everything I almost lacked with Jesse,” says Deb.

At Casa Amor, Jesse isn't as interested in finding a potential new partner.

"In the back of my head, I'm only thinking about Deb," he says in an interview.

Sydney Paight isn't entertaining any of the new men either because she "really misses Bae and I hope he comes back to me."

Summary of week 2:The fallout from Courtney's split and Andy's 'blatant disrespect'

Isaiah says he and Sydney "were missing something"

After an afternoon competing against the town in the Raunchy Races challenge, Casa Amor receives a party and also a night at Refúgio. Although the women at Casa Amor want to send Phoebe to the private suite "to break up Isaiah," Chazz and Gabby end up being nominated to have Haven baptized.

Although Isaiah shared a bed non-romantically with Chanse Corbi the first night and had intended to ask Sydney to be his girlfriend on their next date before Casa Amor caused a disruption, he became interested in Phoebe in episode 21 of Casa Amor. Love is the best. Try at the end.

“I came here with my boxes checked, but something was missing. Right now, (Phoebe) has definitely scored an extra," says Isaiah.

Sydney has all the time in the world to worry about what Isaiah is doing while they're apart. She and Zeta agree that their partners hugging other women would be a problem for them. If Isaiah returns to the villa single, Sydney wants to ask him to be her boyfriend.

“I'm risking everything for that man,” Sydney says.

In episode 22, Phoebe tells the women at Casa Amor that she wants Sydney to find someone "who is hotter than (Isaiah)".

Look who got engaged after Casa Amor

After spending time alone at the Vault, Chazz decides to get away from Gabby in episode 22.

“I would rather have gone to the Refuge with you,” he tells Bella.

Jeff also realizes that he's interested in someone else, someone who isn't even at Casa Amor. He reveals that he wants to pick up where he and Nadjha left off; she's someone to "take...home to mom," he says.

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After almost four days apart, the islanders are forced to make a decision. Will they stay with their previous partner or bring someone new to the village? Here are those who got married after Casa Amor.

  • Courtney y Chad.
  • Chaz and Bella.
  • Jared y Chance.
  • Nadjha y Nic.
  • Zeta y Timmy.
  • Deb and Kyle.
  • Isaiah and Phoebe.

Kat, Jeff, Jesse and Sydney find themselves single after the people they wanted to date chose other partners. Jordan Morelle, Sam Kornse and Tre, as well as Gabby, Tigerlily Cooley and Avery Grooms are sent home.

Love Island USA spoilers: Kyle disappears, the couples break up. This is what you missed in week 4 (4)

“I realized how I should be treated in a relationship and I realized what I deserve,” Deb says when she decides to get back together with Kyle.

“I always told him, you know, you deserve more than me. At the end of the day, I just want to see her happy," says Jesse after finding himself single. "I am happy with my decision."

Isaiah brings Phoebe back, but he's still 70% Sydney

Sydney didn't react as calmly as Jesse to the news that Isaiah was back with another woman.

“I feel like I just got hit by a truck. I feel so betrayed. I just thought that what we had was more than that, but I guess I was wrong,” says Sydney. "I'm really sad right now, but I'm not crying about this... without makeup."

In a twist, Isaiah chose Phoebe not because he intended to pursue her, but because he hadn't fully made up his mind yet.

Love Island USA spoilers: Kyle disappears, the couples break up. This is what you missed in week 4 (5)

"I'm definitely 70% for Syd and 30% for Phoebe," Isaiah tells Nadjha in episode 23.

After some reassurance from her friends, Sydney agrees to question Isaiah.

“Of course I'm shocked, but of course I want you to be happy,” Sydney tells Isaiah.

Jesse and Deb are also in limbo; Seeing Jesse come back alone “made me fall more in love with him,” she says in an interview. They eventually kiss again, though she still shares her bed with Kyle that night.

There are 18 people living in this villa after Casa Amor, but that doesn't last long because two men end up leaving abruptly.

questions and answers:'Love Island' Veteran Iain Stirling Talks UK vs. US Shows

What happened to Kyle Fraser in 'Love Island' USA?

Love Island USA spoilers: Kyle disappears, the couples break up. This is what you missed in week 4 (6)

Kyle is there one moment and gone the next.

(Video) The Chris D'Elia Problem...

Thirty-five minutes into episode 23, narrator Iain Stirling buries the lede when he announces, "It's night and Kyle has left the villa for personal reasons."

Viewers who caught wind of this may have been confused about this mysterious development. The Arizona Republic has reached out to representatives for "Love Island" for a statement on Kyle's departure.

A quick check of social media reveals a possible reason Kyle is no longer on the show.

From August 9 to 10, an Instagram user named@kelly_themodel claimed Kyle sexually assaulted her and gave her chlamydia🇧🇷 He then shared screenshots of similar anecdotes from anonymous users.

It is unclear if the allegations are related to his disappearance from "Love Island," and as of August 15, Kyle has not responded to the allegations on social media.

Nadjha and Jared are no longer members of Casa Amor; pretty leaves

Just like Deb did with Kyle, Nadjha also begins to reconsider their Casa Amor pairing. Ultimately, she tells Nic that seeing Jeff return as a single "really made me feel in a way I didn't think I would", and she realizes that she does have feelings for Jeff after all.

After being rejected by Nadjha, Nic kills himself in episode 25, telling the islanders, "I had the best experience I could ever want and I think I need to stay home with my family."

Another islander, Jared, also drifts away from his Casa Amor partner. Kat took a chance by refusing to marry anyone during Casa Amor, and it paid off when Jared returned her interest. That night, he shares a bed with Kat outside instead of staying with Chanse.

Chanse, who was shocked by the arrangement of the bed, thinks that Kat "broke down and stole it" grimly.

Love Island USA spoilers: Kyle disappears, the couples break up. This is what you missed in week 4 (7)

Sydney feels 'so disrespected' by Isaiah

However, Jared turning down Chanse isn't the big drama of the night. No, this is the long-awaited conversation between her and Phoebe that they both dread.

“She deserves to hear all the details that happened between Isaiah and me that she respectfully deserves to know,” Phoebe says in an interview.

In episode 25, Phoebe tells Sydney about the times she hugged and kissed Isaiah during Love House. The appearance proves to be too much for Sydney.

“I'm not that girl, like, they disrespect me,” Sydney later told Zeta between sobs.

Isaiah reveals that while he did see "a little thing between (him and Phoebe)", it turned out to be "a big reality check" that showed him his true feelings for Sydney.

(Video) Family takes photo wife files for divorce after seeing this detail

Then it's time for Isaiah to crawl over to Sydney: "My heart goes out to you," he tells her. He issues the full apology the next day: “I can't be sorry anymore for what I did to you. I know you don't deserve this.

“Sydney, my options are closed. I am everything to you, ”she tells him.

However, Sydney's trust has been broken and she is not sure she can return.

Love Island USA spoilers: Kyle disappears, the couples break up. This is what you missed in week 4 (8)

Timmy and Zeta get exclusive

After four weeks, the couple from day one, Timmy and Zeta, were finally sent off on their first date. The couple ride tandem bikes and plant some succulents in a greenhouse with the goal of building the foundation for a strong relationship.

“I see you in my life outside the village 100%,” Timmy tells Zeta. "I feel like you're my person, so I'd like to be very exclusive with you outside of that."

She readily agrees, stating in an interview that she "could definitely see it turn into love."

After they return, it's time to select some of the singles. Jesse marries Deb, who was single after Kyle left, and Jeff chooses Nadjha.

This means that Kat and Sydney are left single "and vulnerable".

But wait, who is that coming in? We've got another bombshell: Joel Bierwert, a 27-year-old welder and fabricator from Northampton, Massachusetts.

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What time does 'Love Island' air in the US?

New episodes of season 4 of "Love Island" in the USA starting at 6pm. MST (9 pm ET) Tuesday through Sunday at Peacock. The Saturday episodes wrap up the week and feature never-before-seen clips.

Reach entertainment reporter KiMi Siga-a-no Twitter@kimirobinand Instagram@ReporteroKiMi.

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