Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2022 [Updated] (2023)

Knowing what to post on social media is only half the battle. when is perfectTimeshare your content? The best times to post on social media are when your customers and followers are online.

Of course, there are times that work best for each platform, and we'll get to that in this article. You'll also learn how to consider your audience's time zones when deciding when to click the publish button.

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Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2022 [Updated] (2)
Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2022 [Updated] (3)
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Create a release schedule based on different time zones

The more popular your brand is, the more time zones you have to consider. Some influencers and brands broadcast the same message at different times to reach all time zones. Ideally, you should be able to reach most time zones without going overboard. Try not to send more than four of the same message in a day, and schedule posts at different times to reach as many countries as possible.

Where are your customers? If you are targeting the United States and Canada, you will want to access the Eastern Time Zone (ET) as that is the zone with thelargest number of people, thanks to cities like New York and Toronto. Anyway ifyour target audienceYou are in London and want to post within the GMT zone.

You can useSocial media analytics toolsto find data about where your customers are located. With this data, you can better plan what times work best for your audience based on their location.

Best time to post on Instagram

If you're marketing or selling on Instagram, the best time to post is weekday mornings. Schedule your post for 11am. M. on Monday, during 10 a.m. M. These should be your posting times Tuesday through Friday. But it's ok if you post these four days later.

In general, thePosting best times on Instagram.are given below:

When to post on Instagram?

  • Mondays at 11 a.m
  • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays

Best days to post on Instagram:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday

Instagram's best posting times are related to the fact that follower engagement is highest on weekdays at noon. The best times are from 10am to 5pm. M. and 1 p.m. M., while weekends and evenings also offer better opportunities for participation.

If you post before noon, you have a better chance of appearing in people's Instagram posts when they first open the app. However, be sure to analyze your customer profile before scheduling posts to be published early.

If your target audience consists of B2B executives or brands, you may get better results by posting at lunchtime or during office hours while they explore different solutions.

Best time to post on Facebook

Facebook users are always checking their feeds, but weekday mornings and mid-mornings show itmore consistent engagement. Limit posts to Saturdays as you don't get much engagement that day of the week.

When to post on Facebook?

  • 3:00 am. Monday to Friday
  • Tuesdays 10 a.m. and 12 p.m

Best days to post on Facebook:

  • From Tuesday to Friday

HubSpot Researchfound that food, beverage and agriculture brands are more successful when they post early in the morning. Additionally, travel and hospitality brands also chose to post early in the morning. Note that prime times listed are in US Central Time, so the morning high engagement also reflects the pattern of Facebook's global audience.

Best time to post on LinkedIn

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn is a professional social network used by recruiters, marketers and entrepreneurs who use it for work.

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LinkedIn posts get thehigh stakes at noon, and it doesn't extend too far beyond US business hours like in previous years. The weekend is the worst time to post content on LinkedIn as engagement drops significantly.

When to Post on LinkedIn?

  • Tuesdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m

Best days to post on LinkedIn

  • Wednesday and Thursday

The best time to post on Twitter

Twitter users tend to catch up on the latest news and tweets early in the morning. This is why theBest times to post on Twitterfor your business are Monday to Saturday at 9 a.m.

User behavior has changed significantly compared to the previous year. Now, Twitter users are more engaged in the morning and midday. Brands that want to gain momentum must act in good time while being aware of the nature of the platform.

When to post on Twitter?

  • 9 am. Monday Tuesday Wednesday
  • Fridays and Saturdays at 9 a.m

Best days to post on Twitter:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday

The best time to post on TikTok

According to theTikTok-Marketing-Statistics90% of users access the application on a daily basis. This means you can post anytime during the week to get your message out there. But in general it is like thatbetter post on tiktokmorning and noon.

When to post on TikTok?

  • Mondays at 6am/10am/10pm
  • Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m./4:00 p.m./9:00 a.m
  • Wednesdays 07:00/08:00/11:00
  • 9am/12pm/7pm on Thursdays
  • 5 a.m./1 p.m./3 p.m. los fournes
  • Saturdays 11am/7pm/8pm
  • Sundays 7 a.m./8 a.m./4 p.m

Best days to post on TikTok:

  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
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    The best time to post on Pinterest

    Best times to post on PinterestThey are usually midweek and at night.

    When to post on Pinterest?

    • 12:00 from Tuesday to Friday
    • 18:00 from Tuesday to Friday
    • 20:00 from Tuesday to Friday

    The best days to post on Pinterest:

    Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

    Best time to post on Snapchat

    Snapchat is considered a night app - most people use it at night. So keep that in mind when posting snaps about your product or service.

    When to Post on Snapchat?

    • 10pm M. at 1am M. from Monday to Sunday

    Best days to post on Snapchat:

    • Every day of the week

    The best time to post on YouTube

    YouTube has the highest usage among video marketers, more than Instagram and TikTok. It's also the platform that will attract the most marketing investment this year.The best times to post on YouTubeit's evenings and nights.

    When to post on YouTube?

    • 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. M. from Thursday to Sunday
    • 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. M. from Thursday to Sunday
    • 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. M. from Thursday to Sunday

    Best days to post on YouTube:

    • Saturdays, Fridays and Sundays

    What is the best time to post on social media?

    While the times listed above are averages, your own audience may be more engaged at other times. The best way to determine the best time to post on social media for your brand is to experiment.

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    You can use social media management tools to schedule posts at different times over several weeks to determine which times work best for your audience.

    Don't forget your competitors. Track their progress and see when they're getting big engagement on their posts. Chances are these times will work for you too. Check them out or post when they're usually quiet, but remember that every platform is different, so track each separately for best results.

    as soon as you havebuilt an audienceand posted some updates, you'll want to follow your efforts on social media.Analytical Googlehas all the data you need to set the right times to post to social media. All you have to do is set up custom reports for each platform and start analyzing the information.

    Let's go through this process together.

    1. On the left toolbar in Google Analytics, click Custom Reports. Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2022 [Updated] (5)
    2. Select New Custom Report to start creating your report.
      Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2022 [Updated] (6)
    3. Choose the information you want to see in your report. Below is a simple report for Facebook showing you how to fill in the appropriate fields, but you can add up to 10. Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2022 [Updated] (7)
    4. Save the report and view your results. To view the hours of the day, simply select Time as the secondary dimension. Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2022 [Updated] (8) Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2022 [Updated] (9)
    5. Repeat for all major social media traffic providers.
    6. Start building your social media calendar around your best times to post.
    7. Use custom reports to track progress and success.

    Social media management tools.

    After you've created your social media schedule, you're ready to use itAutomation and management tools for social media marketingifPuffer,Later, jHootsuite, or select from this listInstagram-ToolsSchedule posts for a later time.

    These tools can help you stay consistent with your social media posts and reach followers even when you're asleep. You can also use them to test different timings to see which timingsgenerate the most commitment.Additionally, you can use these tools to schedule the same post multiple times to reach every time zone or to redirect traffic back to your site.

    Summary of the best time to post on social media in 2022

    Regularly monitoring your social media engagement and analyzing your social data can help you find the best times to post on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media for your brand. To start, you can use our recommendations as guidelines, but remember that every brand is different and even benchmarks can vary by social media platform and industry.

    As your follower count grows, you may find that your audience engages with you at different times. Any social media platform toochange their algorithms, so you should be aware of these changes.

    Moral of the story: never stop trying or experimenting. Don't be afraid to post on social media on the less popular days. While you may not reach your highest percentage of followers, you may still be able to reach people you might otherwise have missed.

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    Do you think there is a specific time that is best for posting on Instagram and other social networks? Tell us in the comments!

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    Is there a best time to post on Instagram 2022? ›

    On Instagram, there was primarily higher engagement on Wednesdays throughout the US workday and the highest engagement being at noon. Fridays are the second highest days of Instagram engagement for travel and tourism businesses, starting at 9 a.m. through noon.

    How often should you post on social media 2022? ›

    Fans, also known as followers, may get frustrated with too many posts, so it's important to keep your posting cadence low, between three to seven times a week. In fact, “too many updates” is one of the most common reasons people 'unlike' a Facebook Page.

    What are Facebook peak hours? ›

    Peak times to post on Facebook are divided throughout the day. General data suggests time between 7 am-9 am, 1 pm-3 pm, and 7 pm-9 pm is preferable to post on Facebook. Usually, peak time is when a large number of your niche audience is active on the platform. So it totally depends on your target audience's activity.

    What are peak Instagram posting times? ›

    Looking at Instagram as a whole, Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. observes the most consistent engagement. Engagement becomes lower every day before 6 A.M., and after 9 P.M. One to Seven Stories should be the optimal posting length.

    How to beat Instagram algorithm 2022? ›

    How do I fix my Instagram algorithm?
    1. Create relevant content (keep up with trends)
    2. Post when your audience is online.
    3. Use the right hashtags.
    4. Post carousels to your feed.
    5. Frequently post Reels.
    6. Try out new content formats and features as soon as they come out.
    7. Write long captions.

    What is the fastest growing social media 2022? ›

    Among leading social platforms, the networks with the highest growth rates between 2020 and 2022 were TikTok/Douyin, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter.

    What not to post on social media? ›

    Avoid these post types in your approach.
    • Overly promotional content. ...
    • Political or religious content. ...
    • Irrelevant viral posts. ...
    • Negative or derogatory content. ...
    • Posts with spelling or grammatical errors. ...
    • Brand-inconsistent content. ...
    • The same message across social networks. ...
    • Unaccredited content.
    Jul 16, 2019

    How often should I post to gain followers? ›

    Generally, we recommend posting at least once a day to maximize your visibility and engagement. However, if you have more time and resources, you can post multiple times a day, or even several times a week. Experiment to find the posting schedule that works best for you and your followers.

    Is it better to post on Facebook at night or in the morning? ›

    You will get the most consistent engagement on weekdays from 9 am–3 pm. The worst day is Sunday, which sees the least amount of engagement. You will find the lowest engagement during early mornings and evenings before 7 am and after 5 pm each day.

    Is it better to post in the morning or evening Facebook? ›

    Based on an analysis of 30,000 social media posts, Hootsuite found: The best overall time to post on Facebook is between 8 a.m. and noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Of course, you'll need to think about the time zones in which your audience lives when planning these posting times.

    What time of day gets the most likes on Facebook? ›

    According to our analysis, the best time to post on Facebook is 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This tracks with what the Hootsuite social team found when they dug into their own data. For the Hootsuite social media team, the best time to post to Facebook is at 6:15 AM and 12:15 PM PST on weekdays.

    What is the Facebook 20 rule? ›

    The Facebook 20% rule was a requirement that rejected Facebook ads with more than 20% of text in its images. While the rule is no longer enforced, Facebook still recommends including a 20% text-to-image ratio. The recommendation applies to both single image and carousel ads run on Facebook and Instagram.

    How do I get my Facebook posts seen? ›

    12 Tips to Help You Get Seen More on Facebook
    1. Tip #1: Tell Your Fans to See You in the News Feed First.
    2. Tip #2: Post More Interesting Stuff.
    3. Tip #3: Be Seen on Your Page.
    4. Tip #4: Use Facebook as Your Page.
    5. Tip #5: Reply to Your Tagged Mentions.
    6. Tip #8: Cross-Promote Across Social Media.

    What time of day is best to post on social media? ›

    According to our 2022 survey of 1000+ marketers, the best times to post on social media – across all industries and platforms – are 6 PM to 9 PM and 12 PM to 3 PM. The best day to post is Friday.

    Why are my Instagram posts getting less likes? ›

    Over the last few years, I've noticed a significant drop in my impressions, engagement, and number of new followers. The reason: Instagram's 2023 Algorithm. Thanks to the last few updates, only 10% of your followers are able to see your post.

    Is 7pm a good time to post on Instagram? ›

    Generally speaking, the best times to post on Instagram are during lunchtime (11 am -1 pm) and evening (7 pm -9 pm).

    Which is generally the worst time of day to post on Instagram? ›

    In general, the best time of day for all time zones is to post from 11 am to 3 pm (though 11 am to 1 pm is in that range). Avoid posting in the early morning or late afternoon for the most engagement.

    How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? ›

    Many websites these days offer you to easily gain 1000+ free Instagram followers within minutes of subscribing to their packages.
    6 Ways To Get Free Instagram Followers
    1. Engage with your audience. ...
    2. Create a circle. ...
    3. Strategically plan and roll out content. ...
    4. Be consistent. ...
    5. Additional tools for the win.
    Feb 22, 2023

    Why am i suddenly getting less likes on Instagram 2022? ›

    Over the last few years, I've noticed a significant drop in my impressions, engagement, and number of new followers. The reason: Instagram's 2022 Algorithm. Thanks to the last few updates, only 10% of your followers are able to see your post.

    What will replace Instagram? ›

    At a Glance
    • Twitter.
    • BeReal.
    • Flickr.
    • Tumblr.
    • Grainery.
    • Glass.
    • VSCO.
    • 500px.
    Jan 3, 2023

    What is the hottest new social media? ›

    From pregnant mothers to African American professionals and more, here are 20 of the hottest social networks for 2023.
    1. TikTok. 5-Year Search Growth: 4,600% ...
    2. Quest. 5-Year Search Growth: 711% ...
    3. Twitter Spaces. 5-Year Search Growth: 1,050% ...
    4. PearPop. 5-Year Search Growth: 1,300% ...
    5. Yubo. ...
    6. Supernova. ...
    7. Tagged. ...
    8. HalloApp.
    Mar 1, 2023

    What will the biggest social media trends be in 2022? ›

    The biggest anticipated changes are the rise of TikTok and short-form video content. While Instagram and Twitter will continue to be important (especially to B2B businesses), 2022 might just be the year for smaller networks like Pinterest and Snapchat.

    What is the 10 4 1 rule? ›

    The 10:4:1 rule is a simple way of setting a format for the style and types of content you will release. The basics behind the 10:4:1 rule is that for every fifteen posts on social media, ten will be of other industry expert's content, four will be your own content, and one will be a call to action.

    What posts annoy people on social media? ›

    • Too many selfies.
    • Trolling people. ...
    • Body shaming.
    • Cryptic, attention-seeking status updates followed up with 'I don't want to talk about it' or 'I'll DM you' when someone asks if they're OK.
    • Liking your own profile picture.
    • Inviting people to play games like Candy Crush and Farmville.
    Jul 22, 2017

    What are the three rules of posting on social media? ›

    In this article, we offer five simple rules we think every user of social networks should keep in mind.
    • Don't feed the trolls. ...
    • Don't post or repost anything illegal. ...
    • Don't repost scams. ...
    • Think of readers' reactions. ...
    • Don't make your private data public.
    Jul 14, 2016

    How often should you post on social media to gain followers? ›

    “Focus on building a regular cadence: you can grow your followers by 2x by simply posting every week consistently, compared to those who post less frequently than once a week.”

    What percent of followers should like my post? ›

    Less than 1% = low engagement rate. Between 1% and 3.5% = average/good engagement rate. Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate. Above 6% = very high engagement rate.

    Does posting a lot increase followers? ›

    Short answer: yes. While “consistency” is the buzzword du jour, being consistent on Instagram is a great way to grow on the app. “The more consistent your posts, the more your audience will get to know you — which in turn builds trust.

    Why is it better to post in the morning? ›

    The average data suggests that posting in the morning between 6 am to 9 am is better than night hours because most people seem to check on their feeds while commuting to their jobs.

    How to get more likes on Facebook? ›

    8 easy tips to get more likes on Facebook
    1. Start with strong social marketing fundamentals.
    2. Know what your audience wants to see.
    3. Know when your audience is active.
    4. Stay up-to-date with Facebook trends.
    5. Pin a popular post.
    6. Work with Facebook influencers.
    7. Take advantage of cross-promotion.
    8. Run ads.
    May 19, 2022

    What time to post to get the most likes? ›

    If your followers are "typical" Instagrammers, then the worst time to post on the platform will be in the early hours of the morning (1 am to 5 am). Yet some studies differ on this. Later found good results from posts between 1 am and 4 am. Hubspot found high levels of engagement for 5 am posts, Tuesday to Friday.

    What time should I post to get more likes? ›

    Any day of the week between 11 AM and 2 PM would be an ideal time to post. The chart also makes a strong case against posting on weekends. People like to socialize on their weekend holidays. There really isn't the best time to post on Instagram on Sunday, or a Saturday, for that matter.

    What time of day gets the most likes? ›

    The universal best time to post on Instagram is 11 AM on Wednesdays. We found that Instagram users are the most likely to interact with content during work hours mid-day and mid-week. And that makes sense — it is a perfect time to take a break from work or school and do some scrolling. (And liking.

    What is the 80 20 rule on Facebook? ›

    The 80 20 rule in Facebook, also known as the “Pareto Principle”, states that 80% of your posts should be focusing on providing valuable content to your audience, while only 20% of your posts should be dedicated to promoting and plugging products or services.

    What is the 24 hour rule of Facebook? ›

    The 24-hour rule is best explained as the following: After 24 hours have passed since a subscriber's interaction with your business, you cannot send them a message, unless you've gotten their expressed permission to do so (OTN's) or if the message falls under one of four predefined use cases, or you pay to send it ...

    Is Facebook usage declining? ›

    Meta also notes that while time spent in its apps is on the rise, creation and engagement is declining, with fewer people posting to both Facebook and Instagram than they have in the past.

    How do I get my posts seen on social media? ›

    How To Make Sure Your Social Media Posts Get Seen
    1. Get Seen By Posting When Your Audience Is Online. ...
    2. Get Seen By Boosting Posts To Current Followers. ...
    3. Get Seen By Giving Your Followers What They Want. ...
    4. Get Seen By Engaging With Your Followers. ...
    5. Get Seen By Covering Trends.
    Jan 4, 2022

    How do you beat Facebook algorithm? ›

    Strategies for using the Facebook algorithm to your advantage
    1. Create and share great content. ...
    2. Generate user interactions. ...
    3. Reply, reply, reply. ...
    4. Hop on the (live) video bandwagon. ...
    5. Consider Facebook ads. ...
    6. Go local. ...
    7. Get your team involved. ...
    8. Ask your fans to follow you.

    Why is no one seeing my Facebook posts? ›

    Facebook Page

    But unless they're interacting (liking, reacting to, commenting, or sharing) immediately with your content, there's a chance Facebook's algorithm will hide your post so no one will see it.

    Is it better to post late at night or early morning Instagram? ›

    When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2023? In 2023, the overall best time to post on Instagram is 4 AM (calculated in local time across time zones). To find this data, Later analyzed over 11M global image, video, carousel, and Instagram Reels posts.

    How often should you post 2022? ›

    It is generally recommended to post 1 time per day, and no more than 2 times per day. In fact, some studies have even found a drop in engagement if you're posting more than that… so don't get too post-happy. Aim for quality over quantity.

    How regularly should you post on social media? ›

    Posting once or twice each weekday and once over the weekend has proven to be a solid Facebook strategy. Using this schedule establishes you as a regular presence in your followers' lives, while not bombarding their feeds with low quality content simply to satisfy the algorithm.

    How much time does the average person spend on social media 2022? ›

    Average time spent on social media

    According to the latest data, the average amount of time spent on social media worldwide is set to hit 147 minutes, or two hours and 27 minutes, a day in 2022. Not only is this a two-minute increase on 2021 numbers, but it is also the highest ever recorded.

    How often should you post on Facebook 2022? ›

    Most studies have agreed that posting once per day is an ideal posting frequency for Facebook, with a maximum of 2 posts per day. Hubspot had even found that Facebook pages under 10,000 fans experienced a drop of 50% in engagement per post when they posted more than once per day.

    When people post too much on social media? ›

    Oversharing is when people share too much personal information to the public or a stranger. It can happen both on and offline. However, it is a big problem on social media sites, which make "putting yourself online" easy.

    Why you should not post every day? ›

    If you post too infrequently, your audience will forget that you exist and you will quickly fade into the deep dark recesses of their minds. However, if you are posting too often, you will become a complete nuisance and they will dread seeing your posts overcrowding their feed.

    How do I get more followers on IG? ›

    How to get more followers on Instagram
    1. Use the right hashtags.
    2. Use high quality filters.
    3. Post at the right times.
    4. Steal your competitors' followers.
    5. Pay for sponsored posts and product reviews.
    6. Use geotags to boost local discovery.
    7. Organize your Stories into Highlights.
    8. Ask for more followers.
    Aug 3, 2020

    Why I don't post on social media? ›

    Reasons why you don't post

    But because everything isn't perfect all of the time, we don't post that much. We have busy lives and have little time to create posts on social media. We worry it's over-saturated, so don't bother posting because we don't think we'll be seen.

    Should you post on all social media at the same time? ›

    A quick note – cross-posted content doesn't need to be scheduled at the exact same time across platforms. It's best to research the ideal posting times for each social channel and schedule content accordingly. You can also use our analytics tool, which recommends the most opportune times to share posts for your brand.

    Why do people post everything on social media? ›

    To bring valuable and entertaining content to others

    We want to inform, amuse, and help the people in our lives, and that's why 94% of people say they share on social media, according to The New York Times.

    How much time do Gen Z spend on social media? ›

    How Much Time Does Gen Z Spend on Social Media? Morning Consult reports that 38% of Gen Zers spend over four hours a day on social media: By comparison, only 18% of U.S. adults spend that much time online — showing the generational differences when using social media.

    What age spends the most time on social media? ›

    What age group uses social media the most? According to recent research studying social media usage statistics by age, as of 2021, US adults from 18 to 29 are the biggest users of social media. As many as 84% of them say they use at least one social network.

    What age group uses social media the most 2022? ›

    According to recent research, global consumers aged 20 to 29 are the biggest users of social media—not entirely dissimilar to social media age demographics in the US. Those in this age group make up nearly one-third (32.2%) of all social media users worldwide.

    When should you not post on Facebook? ›

    You will get the most consistent engagement on weekdays from 9 am–3 pm. The worst day is Sunday, which sees the least amount of engagement. You will find the lowest engagement during early mornings and evenings before 7 am and after 5 pm each day.

    How can I boost my personal post on Facebook 2022? ›

    How to create a boosted post
    1. Go to your Facebook Page.
    2. Find the post you want to boost.
    3. Tap Boost post. Note: If you are unable to tap Boost post or your post says Boost unavailable, boosting may be unavailable for this post.
    4. Fill in the details for your ad. ...
    5. When you're done, tap Boost post now.

    How can I increase my post reach on Facebook 2022? ›

    However, there are ways to get your content seen.
    1. Paid Content. Spending as little as $5 on a paid campaign can help you reach beyond your usual followers. ...
    2. Use Facebook Stories to reach more people. ...
    3. Videos are getting the most attention right now. ...
    4. Visuals. ...
    5. Topics and Timing. ...
    6. Respond and engage with followers.
    Mar 3, 2022


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