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In this post, I'll cover everything you need to know for an effective Adept build in Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition.

Adepts focus on using biotic powers to control crowds and subdue their enemies. Adept can also specialize with a pistol, allowing him to deal massive damage in a short amount of time.

So let's go to the details

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talents and skills

In this section, I'll go over the recommended allocation of skill points for the Adept build.

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Here's a summary of all the skills that need to be taken near the end of the game:

  • Base Armor: 5
  • Pistols: 12
  • Number: 6
  • Elevator: 12
  • Distortion: 7
  • Uniqueness: 12
  • Barrier: 12
  • This is: 0
  • Nemesis: 12
  • Charm/Intimidate: 12
  • Spectrum training: 4

Level 1-20 or 1-10 Legendary Edition

Important: Always invest in Charm/Intimidate when available.

This is how I suggest increasing your skills during these levels:

  1. basic armor:5 - This will give you Shield Boost, which will restore 30% of your shields. More importantly, it will unlock pistols.
  2. pistols:8 - I suggest picking up the Pistol talent as soon as possible. The problem is that you will have long cooldowns on your biotic abilities and having decent weapon damage will come in very handy throughout the game. In addition, you will gain the Master Marksman skill, which will increase your damage by 50% and headshot damage by 75%.
  3. Barrier:1: Get this tree only to unlock the Barrier skill. This will give you an additional 400 shield points to survive. This is extremely important early in the game when you're also playing on Insane difficulty.
  4. To throw:6 - This is an extremely good skill when enemies are close to the edges, as you can knock enemies away from them. In addition, you will also unlock Lift.
  5. Elevation: 7 – Acquire this skill as it will be one of your main uses throughout the game. You will lift all airborne enemies that will be in the radius of the skill.
  6. spectrum training:4 - you will unlock Unity. This will allow you to revive your party members during combat. This investment should be enough for the entire game.
  7. Deformation:8 – The ability itself has two purposes: dealing damage over time and lowering enemies' defenses. Therefore, I recommend using it against strong enemies like Rachni, Geth Primes or Krogans. Then you can use your full potential. Additionally, this tree will unlock its signature ability: Singularity.

Level 21-40 or 11-20 Legendary Edition

At this point in the game, it's important to finish the mission: UNC: Rogue VI. It starts at level 11, when Hackett reports that he needs your help to disarm a VI. Upon completion of this quest, you will unlock the Nemesis specialization, which will further strengthen your Adept.

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This is how you should keep leveling your skills

  1. Singularity:12 – Powerful skill that allows you to catch enemies that enter the specified radius. It's similar to grabbing, but enemies gather in the center, where you can use shotgun skills or tech blast.
  2. Justice:12 – this can be leveled in parallel with Singularity. This will provide passive bonuses to all your biotic abilities: Throw, Catch, Singularity, etc. In addition, it will reduce the waiting time, which is one of the most important stats for you.
  3. pistols: 12: Finish leveling up weapons to unlock Master Shooter. Although you mostly use your abilities, having a weapon when you need to deal concentrated damage against bosses is a huge help.
  4. Elevation:12 – as the Lift is powered by Nemesis, finish investing in this tree
  5. Barrier: 12 – Finish leveling barrier. It will now allow you to absorb 1000 damage, before your health takes a hit.

With that, I think the core of the build is covered.

additional options

You will still have a lot of points left at the end of the game. I suggest assigning in one of these skill trees:

  • leveling finishTo throw– will deal more damage to enemies and can throw larger enemies.
  • MaximizeDeformation. If you find yourself using this skill during every encounter, I recommend putting 12 points into it.
  • basic armor: 12. At maximum investment, you will increase your damage reduction and also gain Master Shield Boost. This will restore all your shields in 2 seconds.

Equipment and equipment for adept

This section will cover what equipment you should use to build the Adept in Mass Effect 1.


While the Adept should only focus on using Biotics, he can also use Pistol. This is important because your abilities might be on cooldown or you have an enemy near you. The pistol is extremely good at dealing massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time thanks toSniperability.

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Because of this, the best pistol I recommend is the Specter – Master Gear: HMWP. Obtain the best level available to you in the game: VII or X. You can purchase this weapon from C-Sec HQ in the Citadel.

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For updates, here's my recommended ammo:

  • hell rounds- Will set enemies on fire and deal damage over time.
  • deck rounds– will repel enemies, great for crowd control. However, it generates additional heat.
  • shredder rounds– deals additional damage to organic enemies. Tier VII, adds 40% damage
  • tungsten rounds– deals additional damage to synthetic enemies like Geth. Tier VII grants 40% additional damage

For upgrading weapons, this is what I recommend:

  • fast train– gives a big boost to damage but increases heat generation
  • frictionless material– Gives additional damage, but less compared to Scram Rail. In addition, it decreases heat generation.


Unfortunately, the Adept can only use Light Armor. Because of this, your priority is to maximize damage taken, as you can easily die on the hardest difficulties.

my best recommendation isColossus Light Armorfor humans. This is the best armor in the game. However, it can be difficult to obtain as it appears randomly in containers and in the requisition officer's shop.

There are alternatives you can use: Titan, Hoplite, Hazard or Gladiator

These are the recommended armor upgrades:

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(Video) Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Adept Insanity Guide

  • medical exoskeleton– gives health regeneration and reduces energy cooldown
  • energized coating- Increases damage protection.

The medical exoskeleton should be your main upgrade. This will reduce your power cooldown, allowing you to use biotic abilities more often.

biotic amplifier

This item directly affects your cooldowns, power bonuses, and duration. This is why it is important to get the best that is available to you. For thisWiselike, biotic amplifiers are the best.

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However, they can be rare to find, but it's worth it. One can be obtained during the final quest ofbring down the sky.

Tactics and Squad

In this section, I'll cover non-item topics that will help you play better with the Adept.


For this Adept build I recommend this build:

  • Have a party member who has the Decryption and Electronics skill tree:Caidan,Garrus, oSimilar
  • Another party member who has a large amount of HP or can deal a large amount of damage:wrex,Garrus, oashley

Unfortunately, I do not recommend Liara. You already have the same talents and she doesn't do enough damage to justify dual biotics.

(Video) The (OVER)Power of the Adept - The Biotic Commando: Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition


Expert tactics are pretty straightforward in my opinion. These are the main points to take into account

  • Avoid direct encounters with the enemy as you have little armor.
  • If you are under attack or need to get close to enemies while under fire, activate Barrier.
  • Try to have at least one of your biotic abilities ready at all times. So, for example, use Throw, Pick Up and drop Singularity if any enemies appear. Once one of the two is restarted, it uses Singularity. And keep it up.
  • Use Warp on enemies that have high HP pools like Geth Prime or Krogans.


I hope this guide helps you better understand how to play the Adept class in Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition.

Feel free to leave a comment or feedback in the comments below!


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