5th Edition Combat Reveal: Boss Creation — Dump Stat Adventures (2023)

This is part three of a multi-part series, part one,Reach your players, explores how you can target your AC/High Level players, part two,Monstrous longevity, is how you can use the tools in the Monster Manual to help your monsters live longer. This post will focus on how you can turn a weak monster into a quick and dirty boss.

Your players have done it; despite your elaborate planning to kill them, the deadly traps you set andcursed itemsyou sprayed far and wide, they finally reached BBEG... The fearsome, all-powerful kobold leader known simply as... Meepo.

This is a battle to the death, the toughest battle they've ever fought and all you have to do is build your BBEG between now and the next session... except the group is cheated. Or through a plot hole you forgot, like a tricky spellWish, or just because you forgot to bring your fancy card that you've been drawing all night; now they are very early and about to fight Meep, the most fearsome and fearsome kobold to ever come out of the Kobold kingdom.

You call for a snack/bathroom break and furiously start training the boss monster.

Hiting the Books

To begin with, let's review the specific section of the DMG, it will help inform us on how to become a boss quickly.If you are not interested in how, I suggest you skip to the next section where we will show you what to do:quick and dirty.

There is a very useful table on page 274 of the Dungeon Master's GuideMonster stats by challenge rating. he breaks downProficiency Bonus, Armor Class, Hit Points, Attack Bonus, Damage/Round,eSpace DCafterchallenge assessmentmedium monster. This is a great chart to determine the appropriate stats for your boss when you have time to sit down and build a monster. In this example we don't have that time, instead I think it's an important chart for a rough understanding. You don't need to know that a CR 10 creature has an average of 206-220 HP; although if you look at CR 10 creatures most have less than 150 HP let alone 200 HP. This graphic can be strange.

Instead, the important parts to know are:
Level 1 Monsters (CR 1 - 4)ter50 - 100KSand negotiate15 - 35 damage per round
Level 2 Monsters (CR 5 - 10)ter150 - 200KSand negotiate40 - 70 damage per round
Level 3 Monsters (CR 11 - 16)ter250 - 300 CVand negotiate70 - 100 damage per round
Level 4 Monsters (CR 17+)ter350 - 500+ KSand negotiate110 - 200+ damage per round

I don't expect anyone to remember this, but it's good to have a general idea of ​​how strong a monster of the appropriate level should be. When you learn more aboutASworks, it makes running the game a lot easier. I suggest the GM read Chapter 9 of the DMG, there are a lot of cool rules and systems you can add to your game to make it more than just a standard hardcover DnD adventure game.

Now that we knowASthings should look like this, let's go ahead and start creating our boss.

quick and dirty

Now that we've figured out what things are going to look like, let's go ahead and get a little more information. Let's say we have a level 15 party of 4 adventurers: a fighter, a rogue, a cleric and a wizard and our boss will have minions on the battlefield. For our example, we'll base Meepo, the fearsome and all-powerful kobold, on the Kobold Monster stat block in the Monster Manual.

Phew! Those are some statistics to be afraid of! Although, unfortunately, our level 15 party is slightly stronger than the standard Kobold. But! This is just the base for building our boss.

I suggest you get a note card when you create your boss and follow along. I'll do this for Meep, the Kobold boss.

Before we start, you will need to find a weak monster to adjust the stats. To choose the appropriate monster to turn into a boss, take your party's level plus or minus 1 from it. So a level 2 group can have a boss stat block that originates from level 1, while a level 4 group can have a boss stat block that originates from levels 1 - 3.

Step 1 / Armor Class

Our first stats for Meepo will start at the top of the Stat Block, an AC monster. It's important for Meepo to avoid being hit, but players still need to be able to hit him fairly regularly or they'll stop having fun. This is a simple calculation of:
(Average Character Level / 2) + 10 = AC

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This gives Meep an AC of 17, nothing to sneeze at, and allows him to move around the battlefield quite safely. You can of course have different armors for different levels:
Level 1: Leather Armor (AC 11 + Dex Mod)
Razina 2: Ring Mail (AC 14)
Level 3: Armor (AC 16)
Level 4: Plate (AC 18)

Using armor sets for each level helps take some of the work off your boss and can speed up this process. If the stat block of the monster you're working with already has a higher AC, go ahead.

Step 2 / Hit points

The next change will be to Meepo the Mighty's hit points. This is another simple formula:
Average character level x d20 = Max. HP

Based on what we did last week, we'll have three numbers: minimum, average, and maximum HP. We only care about the max value for the boss, so the Meepo points will be:
15 x 20 =300KS

300 HP is about right from what we've learned about level 3 monsters averaging 250 to 300 HP in the DMG. You can always adjust them if you know your players are consistently taking high or low amounts of damage. Just add or subtract 20 HP at a time depending on your player's strength. It's okay if you screw up the boss's health, you can adjust it while they're fighting the Meep. That's why you're here.

Step 3 / Ability Scores

Now we have to look at Meep the Invincible's skill scores. This is a very tricky point, if we increase it too much it will become unbalanced and can become too strong or too weak if we go in the opposite direction. My rule of thumb is to take the characters level (level 3) and add that number to each skill score of the base stat block we're working on:
Force:7 + 3 = 10 (+0 Mod)
Skill:15 + 3 = 18 (+4 Mod)
Constitution:9 + 3 = 12 (+1 Mod)
Intelligence:8 + 3 = 11 (+0 Mod)
7 + 3 = 10 (+0 Mod)
Charisma:8 + 3 = 11 (+0 Mod)

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After adding our +3 to those skill scores, you can immediately see that Meepo is invincible for a reason... at least it's invincible to a Kobold. You can always massage them some more, but taking a weak monster and adding +4 to each skill rating can really help increase their power to make them a suitable challenge for your party.

Step 4 / Protective measures

Now, our Kobold stat block no longer comes with saving throws. That is OK! My rule is that the boss has a number of defense rolls equal to the level his players are at. So it goes like this:
Level 1: 1 save
Level 2: 2 saves
Level 3: 3 saves
Level 4: 4 saving throws

The real kicker is... which one do you choose? For Meep the Strong, we have 3 saving throws. Since Kobolds are naturally Dexterity based, I'll choose Dexterity as your first. Others might be based more on spells your players use frequently or flavor. I usually choose Wisdom so my bosses have a lot, although you can also choose Constitution, but those, combined with Wisdom and Dexterity, are the most used saving throws. I like to give my bosses one of the less frequently used saving throws, like Strength or Charisma, for added flavor. For Meepo is the leader of the Kobolds; he rules fear and power, so I'll give him a Strength saving throw.

Meepo is now proficient in: Strength, Dexterity, and Rescue Wisdom.

Now, to figure out the saving throw stats, let's take the party characters ability bonus (level 15 has +5) and add that bonus to the Meepo stats.
Power: +0 + 5 = +5 To save
Dexterity: +4 + 5 = +9 Dex saves
Wisdom: +0 + 5 = +5 Wisdom save

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Let's leave our BBEG skills alone. That's more to taste and depends on you and your BBEG. If you choose to give them a skill, simply add the group bonus ability to that skill. Additionally, if your base stat block already has a saving throw that it is proficient at, it counts towards the number of saving throws your boss can have.

Step 5 / Skills

Kobold abilities aresensitivity to sunlightePack tactics. Now is the time to think about your boss's taste. Keeping the Kobold's default abilities, he's already doing pretty well when he has all his minions around him. Depending on the level we play at, my monsters have different abilities that are always guaranteed to them. These are:
Level 1: N/A
Level 2:Legendary Resistance (1/day)
Level 3:Legendary Resistance (3/day)
Level 4:magical resistance,Legendary Resistance (3/day)

Depending on your boss, it might make sense to give a level 2 or 3 bossmagical resistancetoo, but that's my rule of thumb and what I'd recommend as a minimum for BBEG. Let's give Meep seamless access to level 3 -Legendary Resistance (3/day)so wizards don't just castkeep the personand prevent him from doing anything for the entire fight. If they already have one of these skills, just level them up.

Step 6 / Actions

Now comes how we are going to hurt our players, this is going to be pretty simple. We will give Meep a multiple attack of Enraged and he will get a number of attacks equal to the character's level. This is for martial characters, if they are spellcasters the number of attacks will translate to the number of dice they roll for their skills.
Level 1: 1 Attack / Trick Dice
Level 2: 2 Attacks / Trick Dice
Level 3: 3 Attacks / Trick Dice
Level 4: 4 Attacks / Trick Dice

Now, to figure out To-Hit for Meepo the Stabber, it's your Dexterity modifier (although most monsters use your strength) plus your party ability bonus:
To hit: +4 + 5 = +9

The damage from each attack will be where we need to do a little more complexity. It is currently at 1d4 + 4 dagger damage. Doing this three times per turn deals an average of 20 damage per turn. Well, let's adjust the type of damage dice he uses and not dwell too much on the specific type of weapon he uses. It's okay to ignore weapon damage when it comes to creating your monsters. You can taste it like a dagger and still deal d10 damage. It's all about balancing the amount of damage done per turn against the weapon they use.
Level 1: d6
Level 2: d8
Level 3: d10
Level 4: d12

From this we can see that Meepo the Mighty will give d10 + 4 to his attacks. With 3 of these per round, they will deal an average of 30 damage per turn. Which is still a bit low, even considering we'll be giving him legendary actions next step. So how do we increase Meep the Brave's damage?

Well, this is a problem that many martial characters and monsters will face. Due to Meep's size, he naturally doesn't get an extra damage die for this, but since he's a boss monster, we can ignore this decision. At level 2, bosses must deal an extra die of damage when making their attacks, and this bonus will increase with each level. This bonus ignores creature size in favor of encounter balance.
Level 1: 1 damage die
Level 2: 2 damage dice
Level 3: 3 damage dice
Level 4: 4 damage dice

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This gives Meepo 3 attacks, each at: 3d10 + 4 for an average damage of 21. In one turn, Meepo will deal ~60 damage to your heroes and will be a truly all-powerful entity for your party to deal with. worry.

Step 7 / Legendary actions

Now, if you remember from the beginning of the article, a level 3 monster should deal between 70 and 100 points of damage per round. Meepo the Dire currently has around 60 damage on his turn, which is a little low, but never fear - Meepo has access to legendary actions!

Any boss isn't a boss until you give it the ability to attack at the end of another creature's turn, and Meepo is no different. At the end of another creature's turn, 3 times, Meepo can make an attack. If Meepo makes all 6 attacks in one round; it comes with an average of 120 points of damage per round. It's a bit high compared to a level 3 monster's damage per round, but Meepo is a boss and it's okay if he overdoes the damage a bit as long as you, the GM, are aware of how your players are progressing. The goal is not to kill everyone, but to give them an unforgettable fight.

Step 8 / Magic

One thing we skipped when creating Meepo the Magnificent was the spell. This can take upwards of 5 minutes, but as long as you have a pretty decent understanding of what spells are good for combat, you should be fine. You can always see what other monsters are using for their spells, like Lich or Yugosloth.

To find out how many spells a monster has, you need to find out if your monster is full, half, or third. Yours are full of wizards: bards, clerics, druids, sorcerers and sorcerers. Half-casters are Paladins and Rangers. Which leaves third casters like Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters. Looking at page 165 of the PHB you can see the spell slot table, or you can take half the group level, rounded up to find out what the max spell slot level your BBEG also has access to.ie if Meepo wizard could cast spells, the group is at 15th level, so he could cast 8th level spells.

Magic attack and DC are based on the monster's spellcasting ability (usually Wisdom or Intelligence) plus its Dexterity, and if it makes a Spell Save DC, plus an additional 8. So a monster with +3 Wisdom and +4 Dexterity will have +7(3 + 4)Magic Attack Bonus i 15(8 + 3 + 4)Spell Save DC. From here you have to select the appropriate spells.

When giving your boss a lot of magic to perform, consider that he probably won't be a martial character and you should skip multi-attacking and maxing out the damage. This is of course based on your desk and your boss.


This is a long article on how to create a quick boss for your games, and while there are a lot of words to read, walking through the actual process is simple. When asking your party for a bathroom/snack break, you can quickly grab your weak monster stat block (Level 1) and place it on a piece of paper in 5 minutes. There is no need to beat the game early if you follow these steps:

Find your base, weak monster (like Kobold, Goblin, etc.):

Step 1:CA =(Average character level / 2) + 10
Step 2: HP =Average character level x 20
Phase 3:Skill Values ​​=Level Level + Monster's Common Skill Score
Step 4:Number of protective rolls=level level
Step 5:Skills =Add resistance levels (legendary resistance and magic resistance)
Step 6:Attack=Number of attacks / Number of damage dice / Type of damage dice
Step 7:Legendary stocks
Step 8:Magic

To help you out, I've made a few more weak monster bosses - let me know what you think in the comments!

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